New Vitality Health Foods, Inc., opening its doors over 26 years ago, were pioneers leading the way emphasizing and educating the community about the value of living a gluten free lifestyle and nutrition.  New Vitality Health Foods, Inc. and Vital Health, Inc., were the first businesses in the Chicagoland area offer the insight a Gluten Free Practitioner brings to their customers.  Barbara Griffin, NMD, CNC, Certified Gluten Practitioner and her daughter, Diana Sourek, MS, CNC, and Certified Gluten Practitioner are eager to lend their knowledge of non-celiac gluten sensitivity and celiac disease.   In order to achieve this designation, a rigorous training program was completed and challenging examination passed.

The Certified Gluten Practitioner program is designed to present an in-depth understanding of the causes of non-celiac gluten sensitivity and celiac disease. As a result, this commanding knowledge of gluten and how it can affect the body can be utilized to help educate the customer.   Earning the Certified Gluten Practitioner designation further adds to the level of help and expertise the team provides for its customers.  

In addition to possessing the educational background on how gluten can affect the body, Barbara and Diana are celiac with other multiple food allergies. As a result, they are able to share their knowledge as they have first-hand experience how to thrive in a world of multiple food allergies.  In order to further demonstrate their commitment and share their expertise, New Vitality Health Foods, Inc. offers a free monthly
Celiac/Gluten Intolerance Support Group.

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A distinct advantage New Vitality Health Foods, Inc. possesses that supermarket chains that offer vitamins and nutritional supplements do not is the educational training and experience our team possesses.  Having a Certified Nutritional Consultants (CNC) available to assist you select a nutritional supplement that best supports your particular health concern is vital.  The purpose of the CNC designation is to protect the health, safety, and welfare of the public by encouraging high standards and professional competence.  Earning a CNC attests that the practitioner has met professional requirements in addition to, and beyond, normal academic studies and professional experience. 

Rest assured, what you come into New Vitality Health Foods, Inc. and are looking for direction regarding a health concern, a highly trained caring professional is eager to assist you.  New Vitality Health Foods, Inc. prides itself on personalized customer service.  We strive to give our customers the attention they need, that is why New Vitality Health Foods, Inc. staff typically does not answer health questions or address health concerns over the phone.  Talking face-to-face allows us to better serve you as well as the customers in the store. 


The driving force behind New Vitality Health Foods, Inc. is the experience, passion, and unique vision the store’s founder Barbara Griffin possesses.  For over 41 years, Dr. Griffin has worked and lived with the framework of natural wellness.  She instills her passion for natural wellness and healing, commitment to quality, and vision into New Vitality Health Foods, Inc. and Vital Health, Inc. 

Dr. Griffin how directs her own wellness center, Vital Health, Inc.  that addresses a whole body approach to health with the intention of facilitating well-being and optimal health amoungst her clients. Barbara's advanced levels of education and training in many established integrative therapies, along with her practical experience, and caring ways, puts her services in high demand.  Barbara was among the first in the Midwest to become a Certified Gluten Practitioner. Clients benefit from Barbara's extensive knowledge in the field of celiac disease, gluten sensitivities, and the autoimmune conditions and other painful symptoms they cause. Barbara has helped thousands of people painlessly adjust to gluten-free living and regain their health.   Vital Health, Inc. is located in the office complex within Orland Park Crossing.  Vital Health, Inc. is located in Suite 409, 708-266-1131, www.vitalhealth.org.

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